Reflective Dog Harness Lead Leash Collars Set Adjustable Naughty Dog Vest For Safety

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  • Reflective Nylon Dog Harness Leash Set Adjustable Naughty Dog Vest Safety Vehicular Lead Walking
  • Reflective Dog Harness + Dog Leash Set ( Flat Belt And Round Rope )
  • Material: Material-polyester, reflective material, chrome-plated metal parts, unique fluorescent coating, so that your dog can still stand out when it is dark
  • Specifications: (Please select the specifications according to the dog's bust size)
  • Round Rope Dog Harness
  • M:Dog Leash: Rope Diameter 1.2cm , Length 120cm
  •       Dog Harness: Bandwidth 2cm
  •       Adjustable Range: 35-54cm
  •       Suitable For Pets: Small And Medium Dogs
  • L:Dog Leash: Rope Diameter 1.5cm , Length 120cm
  •      Dog Harness: Bandwidth 2.5cm
  •      Adjustable Range: 40-60cm
  •      Suitable For Pets: Large And Medium Dogs
  • Bust measurement method: Use a soft ruler to walk around the dog's front legs for a week, which is the widest part of the front chest, and reserve another 3 cm.