PULUZ PKT3041 Mini Octopus Flexible Tripod Holder with Ball Head & Phone Clamp Size: 25cmx4.5cm

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1. Made with high-density rubber-coated robust legs which makes it sturdier, more durable and better the skid resitance.
2. The desk tripod stand is lightweight and mini size, easy to storage and travel comfort. It can easily be placed in your backpack.
3. 360 degree rotation ballhead allowsyou to capture the perfect shot.
4. Flexible tripod legs which allow you to angle your camera in various angles while capturing those special moments. You can also place it anywhere you can think of, like lampposts, fence posts, tree limbs, chairs, doorknobs etc.
5. With phone clamp, compatible with iPhone, Galaxy, huawei, Sony etc. smartphones.
6. With gear limiting, load: 2KG.