Ninja Kais Katana Building Blocks Complete Set with 7 Mini Figures

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  • Includes 5 Minifigures: Kai, Nya VS (Forbidden Spinjitzu), Char, the Pyro Whip Warrior, and the Pyro Sword Warrior.
  • Katana 4×4 toy car with hinged Minifigure cockpit, rotatable shuriken cutter with ram function, 2 spring-loaded shooters, hinged equipment compartment with various golden gear, wheels with golden rims, turbo boosters with flame elements, a Ninja flag element, and decorative gear,
  • Press the lever on the bottom of the 4×4 to hammer Minifigures with the Shuriken cutter.
  • Also contains the Scroll of the Forbidden Spinjitzu with Stone Stand.
  • Set also includes silver and golden katanas, Char’s Serpent Scepter, Pyro Whip Warrior’s Whip, and the Sword of the Pyro Sword Warrior.
  • The accessories include the Katana kayak, the Nya VS “Energetic” hood, and its Tornado Spinner, Char’s Serpent Tail, the pyro-whip warrior’s serpent armor, and the Pyro Sword Warrior’s shield.
  • The Katana 4×4 vehicle is 8 cm high, 21 cm long and 13 cm wide.