Musical Instruments Toys, Kids Microphone Electronic Piano Keyboard Xylophone Drum Toys Set 5 in 1

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  • Three main instruments kids drum set 2 modes for Jazz and Djembe.
  • Electronic piano keyword 4 modes for Piano, Trumpet, Guitar Solmization mode.
  • Electronic xylophone 4 modes for Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Animal, and Number mode.
  • It can produce different musical sound effects and fully cultivate children's musical favor, So as to stimulate the baby's musical talent.
  • Cute pattern convex-concave surface-soft color keys and gentle flashlight attract babies' curiosity.
  • Help babies easily recognize the color sounds of digital animals' patterns.
  • There is also a game of WHAC-A-MOLE to improve the baby's hand-eye coordination.
  • Babies will like to sing, beat or dance while holding the microphone, which stimulates the baby's vocalization and imitating ability.
  • Volume can be reduced or increased by 2 levels, which is very suitable for babies and toddlers girls and boys 1-6 years old to use, and will not produce noisy sounds.
  • This toy for learning musical instruments is made of ASTM CPSIA certified environmentally friendly ABS plastic, free of BPA and lead. Cultivate children's interest in music.
  • Requires 4*AA batteries (not included).