Leak-Proof Design Space Bubble Gun Toy Set electric bubble gun bubble machine for kids (Battery Operated)

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  • Built-in high-performance motor, using 3 AA batteries(batteries are not included), can turn 5 bubble holes in 1 min, automatically generate 3000 rich colorful bubbles, and the cute pistol shape design can attract children's attention. Abundant bubbles can allow children to swim in the bubble park.
  • As a gift for yourself and release your hands, keep the children busy and happy. And the beautiful color and beautiful shape make it one of the best choices for party gifts. When children or good friends celebrate their birthdays, parties, and during holidays. It will be a good choice for you when you are unclear what gifts you need to buy. With 2 packs, your children could play with friends at all times.
  • Perfect Bubble Toy and Family Fun and Outdoor Activity Toys. When there is an event, it will bring great joy, such as various parties, events, ceremonies, carnivals, camping trips, Halloween, weddings, Easter basket filling, outdoor water Toy game activities, beach, backyard bubble rave and more!
  • Mix the bubble concentrate with water in a 1:5 ratio, put it in a bubble bottle, and connect it to the connection port of the bubble gun, you can release a lot of colorful bubbles. And our bubble gun is strictly manufactured and durable, so you don't have to worry about using it once and not having to use it again.
  • Keeping in mind that this toy will be used by your soft and fragile toddlers and children, and this non-toxic, sturdy, high-quality ABS plastic is used to make this leak-proof and amazing toy.