Fidget Pop Tube Toy

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-Interesting and elastic: The elastic tube is a fun and practical irritating toy, suitable for playing, pulling and receiving children, making the elastic tube the first choice for sensory games.

-Finger toys: These pop tube are suitable for all busy little fingers, and can be used as plush toys.

-Development skills: These popular tube toys can provide tactile stimulation, good motor skills and hearing feedback. They are ideal sensory toys for autism children.

-Bright colors: Each pop-up tube has a variety of colors (random color)

-High quality: PE fabric, very suitable for children to play and can relieve stress.

-Description: These toys are brightly colored and can pop up, broken, stretched and twisted to attract children's attention.

-The monitor is not calibrated the same, the color of the item shown in the photo may be slightly different from the actual product