Electric Coffee Heating Mug Max 55 Degree Constant Temperature with Cup and Spoon in Gift box

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* Electric Coffee Heating Mug Max 55 Degree Constant Temperature Heating Coaster with Cup and Spoon in a Gift Box
* A Mug Warmer For You To Keep Your Coffee/Tea/Beverage/Drink/ Warm Just Enjoy It Freely55 degrees insulation coaster
* capacity : approx. 400 ml
* Rated voltage: 220V
* Rated frequency: 50Hz
* Thermostat temperature: 55 degrees
* Rated power: 15W
* Cup size: 90X95mm
* Products include:
* Heating coaster x1
* Coffee mug made of ceramic, fine enamel, glazed smooth, easy to clean, ideal for drinking milk, tea, coffee, and water.
* Coffee cup warmer beverage intended to remain at a constant temperature (131 ℉ / 55 ℃) and maintained at this temperature for a whole day, so comfortable temperature, the thermostat coaster that lets you enjoy coffee at any time. .
* Comfortable cup handle, a semicircular cup handle, reasonable design, easy to pick up, and comfortable grip ..
* The package includes 1 x heating base, 1 x coffee cup mug with a spoon, 1 x with plug cable, 1 x manual, if you have any questions, please contact us.
* Cup heater elegant design, compact size, perfect for your office desk.
The Beverage Warmer not only keeps coffee hot, but it is also art on your table.
Suitable for keeping coffee, tea, milk, soup warm and then makes your drink or food taste good.
An essential item in the cold winter day.
It is a perfect gift for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special occasions.
The heating saucer does not boil the liquid, it only keeps it warm