Early Learning Montessori Animal Creative Jigsaw Puzzle Geometry Children Development Toys

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Multifunctional use design special for kids after school activity
Develop baby intelligence
The jigsaw puzzle enhances the ability of visual recognition and also enhances children's understanding of the integrity of things.
When playing puzzles, young children must repeatedly take and turn in different directions and work together to build the tiles into the correct position, promote the flexible development of young children's muscles, and promote the habits of young children.
When playing puzzles, young children can understand the relationship between the whole and the whole, and learn to use known clues to understand the unknown world, and to coordinate the educational effects with the eyes, hands and brain.
When playing puzzles, young children can complete the pattern through repeated combinations, improve memory, judgment and thinking ability, and promote brain thinking and development. Jigsaw puzzles can exercise all aspects of your baby's abilities and develop good behavioral habits.
With painted smooth surface layer, does not hurt kids' hands easily
Made of safe and non-toxic wooden material, just use with reassurance
Cartoon appearance makes it attractive with children
Expand knowledge, foster logic thinking, creativity and develop patience
Develop visual sense, hand-eye co-ordination skills, improve dexterity & spatial skills
Helps kids to grow their mind and build their hobbies