Early Learning Jumping Spiders Kids Friends and Family Game for 2-4 Players

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  • Game Objective: Snap as many spiders as you into the web before the time runs out.
  • GAME PREPARATION: Remove the two supports and the base from the packaging and assemble them.
  • Attach the web to the two tree poles.
  • Each player draws colour and takes the 4 spiders of that colour. If less than 4 friends play, the remaining spiders are returned to the box.
  • HOW TO PLAY THE GAME: Do the countdown together 3,2,1 .. jumping spiders!!
  • A Player turns the hourglass and puts it in the base.
  • The game ends as soon as the first player has attached all 4 spiders of their colour to the web, then exclaiming: DONE! if the hourglass ends before someone manages to attach them all, the player who attaches the most spiders wins.
  • The game continues for 5turns. whoever wins the most round has won the games and can call themselves the Champion of Jumping Spiders.