Deep Sea Blue Coral Reef Snap Set Kiddie Swimming Pool

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  • Allow kids to enjoy that pool or beach this summer without worrying with this easy set snap set pool.
  • Snap set pool is remarkably easy to setup.
  • Requires no inflation, simply fill with water to hold the sides up and your little ones will be cooling off from the summer heat in minutes in the backyard.
  • Kids can splash and have fun all day in this pool.
  • Available in 3 different sizes, each size has different designs. (#56421, #5652, and 58472).
  • #56451 measures 152cmin diameter x 25cm height (5 feet x 10 inches).Water capacity 9.5in of wall height: 117 gallons.
  • #56452 measures 183cm in diameter x 38cm height (6 feet x 1'13). Capacity 14.5in of wall height; 253 gallons.
  • #58472 measures 244cm in diameter x 46cm height (8 feet x 1'6). 539 gallon capacity
  • Materials made from vinyl which known to have a long life span and resistance to sunlight.
  • Please take note: Children can drown in very small amounts of water. Please make sure to empty the portable swimming pool when not in use. Do not install the padding pool over concrete, asphalt, or any other rough surface. We do not allow a return and replacement for damaged items caused by customers' negligence (cover tears, rips, or holes). Before filling the water, please place the pool on a flat surface without rough objects, first fully spread the bottom of the pool into a circle, and then erect the wall of the pool to start filling. When draining, please gently press the pool wall with your hand to release the water. Never try to pull the pool wall or lift the pool. This operation will cause serious damage.