2 IN 1 Water Gun and Soft Ball Blaster Toys best gift for Kids

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-Let children experience the thrill of fighting and exercise their shooting skills.
-The appearance of the Blaster Toy Guns is sturdy and durable, without sharp edges.
-Ideal toy gun for children aged 3-10
-Designed for team games. -Set includes 6 softballs, 1 big toy blaster, 3 targets,
-The soft design is suitable for children to play freely.
-This is a great gift idea for boys and girls, and it will bring a lot of fun to children.
And this is a toy gun that children and adults can play with, which is good for enhancing relationships.
-Please take note: To avoid injury, do not aim at the eyes or face.
Only use original soft bullets supplied with this product.
Do not modify the bullets or any components of this product.