2 in 1 Educational Game Learning Number and Letters Literacy Fun Spelling Game for Kids

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This educational toy has different features that help to adapt to the needs of your child while growing, not only can improve the basic letter recognition and vocabulary accumulation ability which are all needed in reading, but also can improve the basic arithmetic ability.
Learning Core:
Object and word recognition.
Letter recognition and letter matching.
Sorting and grouping.
Basic arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Taking turns and sharing.
Number of players: 1-4 people Help children to learn English words Help children improve their hand-eye coordination. Suitable for preschoolers: Helps develop memory skills, strategic thinking, social skills, spelling and improved word recognition.
Education and Pleasure: Allow children to connect between objects and their names while enjoying flashcards and letter cubes.
Family fun. Designed for 2 or more players, the spelling game is perfect for parents and kids to play with.
Help children recognize patterns and words, let children master more words easily through continuous games.