2 Color Bubble Mud Slime

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Weight: 12 colors about 150g / 24 colors about 350g

Eco-friendly material, good for kids' health.

Rich colors, develop kids' color sense.

Simple operation and suitable for ages 3+.

Develop the kids' creativity and imagination.

Exercise the kids' coordination ability with hands, eyes and brain.

Especially for beginners and hobby artists

air basic is a super light air-curing modeling clay that has a tone-like character after drying.

There is no need for burning or baking as with clay.

Slightly dried material can be made supple again by kneading with damp hands.

After complete drying, the model can be painted acrylic paint.

All colours can be mixed with each other for numerous other nuances

Easy to open

This is a creative theme and not a toy, but for jewelry, accessories and home decoration

dries in the air approx. 24 h

Extensive range of blocks, sets and accessories